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New Smoke Detector Law in MD effective July 1st, 2013

Effective today, any seller of a property in Maryland must disclose the age of the home’s smoke alarms and whether the smoke alarms include sealed, long-life batteries. Sellers may, however, choose to use the disclaimer form and say nothing about the property’s condition.

All battery operated alarms must be sealed, long-life batteries by the year 2018.

If the alarms in any rental properties (in Maryland) are: older than 10 years, not working properly, and/or a change in tenancy occurs, battery operated smoke detectors must be upgraded to sealed, long-life batteries. Such detectors currently cost between $6 and $20. The price can go higher if the detector covers carbon monoxide as well.

Finally, the new legislation requires that at least one smoke detector be located on every floor of a residence by 2018.