What Renovations Should I Do?

One of the most important decisions you will make when preparing your home for the market involves where to spend money to maximize your bottom line. Renovations are different from the free and always recommended de-cluttering and depersonalizing that you can read more about in Staging 101. There are clearly places where money is well spent and other areas in which spending extra money would be wasteful.

How is it possible for “flipping” to occur? Investors can take a property, increase its value and make a profit even after the expenses of buying and selling are deducted. With the right decisions you can make this money and you may even get your home sold faster!

Short sales are one of the few situations where we discourage clients from spending money on repairs. The lender will assess the property’s value in its current condition when deciding to approve the deal and any extra money you spend will go directly to the bank’s bottom line (and out of your pocket).

In general, the best places to see a return on your money are as follows: LANDSCAPING (to give your home nice curb appeal), FLOORING and PAINT (walls and ceilings).

We can help you decide where your money is best spent (if it all) and, if needed, recommend contractors who can make it easy and affordable.