Selling Your Home

Why do some homes languish on the market?

1. Price

If a home is overpriced, many buyers will opt to not look at it. It’s not a good use of their time. Their thoughts are that the sellers will not be reasonable in negotiations or are unable to sell it for less. Let’s work together to make sure the price is where it needs to be to sell your home for as much as possible and as quickly as possible. The last thing a seller needs is the “days on market” accumulating without any showings, much less any offers.

2. Condition

A home may be priced well and at fair market value. However, if it is messy and cluttered the home many not sell. If potential buyers walk through and see lots of family photos, they may picture someone else’s family living in the home. You want buyers to picture themselves living there. A clean, organized, depersonalized and uncluttered environment will prevent you from having to reduce your price below market value and won’t cost you a penny.

3. Marketing

So, you have a fairly priced home in top condition, but it’s still not selling. Why? If nobody knows it’s on the market or if you don’t have great photos showing the interior and exterior, the home may not sell. Many buyers looking at homes online will flip through the photos first. If there are none or just one of the front, your home may languish on the market. We will have high quality photos posted the first day your home is on the market. We utilize all of the most popular forms of advertising to ensure that if anyone is looking for a home like yours, they’ll find your listing and soon be talking to a professional Realtor who has the tools to help them buy it.