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New Radon Law in Montgomery County, MD – October 2016

A new Montgomery County, MD law states that all single family homes and townhomes sold in Montgomery County must, with some exceptions, be tested for Radon Gas before closing.

Sellers can arrange for the test or permit the buyers to test. Professional testing costs about $170. Do-it-yourself kits are available for $10-$20 plus lab fees of roughly $35.

If the seller tests his/her property before putting the home on the market, it must be done within one year of closing. Results must be shared between the buyer and seller regardless of who does the testing.

Contact me as soon as possible regarding the new law, mitigation methods, and typical expenses should mitigation be necessary. LuxManor Real Estate is in direct communication with the County as they are still working on the mechanics of the law and exactly what will be required in October 2016.

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Jim Roy
Jim Roy is the broker of LuxManor Real Estate.